cats are best fighters so watch out they might be all around you



Here are the cats of Killerclan.Feirce,Brave,Loyal......and exsprienced(I know sp) [i]killers[/i].....


This is flame...Killerclans leader....She is Loyal and great at fighting and shedding others...Blood.She is a lighter grey she cat with amber/yellow/orange eyes and a black nose.her white teeth are usually blood stained and the same for her thorn sharp jet black claws.her mate is bowzer and her kits are tooth,fisher,rosethorn,bone.Her sister is bluebell.


Fisher is the Deputy of Killerclan.he is also Flames son.He is a strangley blue tom with a white stomach and green eyes.he has white claws and white teeth.He loves to fish for fish in the river and hunt for cats on land.He also has a pink nose and is best at tracking.(I will finish this page later)