cats are best fighters so watch out they might be all around you


Whitefire(Available for rp)

A white cat with oraneg and red fire like tipped tail and a fire shaped marking across her back.She had aqua green eyes.

Thunderfur(Available for rp)

A grey cat with a thunder cloud shaped marking on his forehead.You can see it better when it is thundering.He has brown/amber eyes.

Clingsnow(Available for rp)



Firetail(Available for rp)

A ginger tabby tom with amber eyes.He has a black flame shaped marking on his tail.

Cloudfur(Available for rp)

A cloud colored white and grey cat.He has one green eye and one Blue eyes.

Blackpaw(Available for rp)

A black and white cat with green eyes.

Cedarpaw(Available for rp)

A cedar colored cat with a white face and stomach and green eyes.

Cloudedkit(Available for rp)

A small kit with white fur and a grey forehead.He has dark blue eyes.

Arrow(Available for rp)

A Tom Loner who has red fur and white paws.He has Amber/Yellow eyes.

Stripefoot(Available for rp)

A tom who looks like a cougar and has green eyes.He has striped feet.

Bulletclaw(Available for rp)

A grey cat with some hints of other colors.He has green eyes and a bullet shaped black marking on his right side.(Ahh!Look theres a dog in the backround of this pic!hah!)


Here are the wolf characters.Enjoy and contact me if you want to rp one of the many characters on my site.Thanks!

Shadow(Available for rp)

Shadow is a black wolf with a white underbelly and white legs.He has a white muzzle and black paws.He also has a small bit of white on his tail.EvilWolf2.jpg Black/White Wolf sitting image by bloopBDW

Moon(Available for rp)

A grey she wolf with half white ers and half grey ears.She has two gold earings in each ear and white legs.Moon has grey toes and green eyes.

Rose(Available for rp)

Rose is a red she wolf with a white underbelly and white paws.She has a black flame shaped marking on her back and red bat wings.She has a red white tipped tail.Red_Wolf_by_KoriCristy.jpg Kin's wolf form image by darkdemon444She has blue eyes.

Thorn(Available for rp)

Thorn has the sharpest claws of all wolves.He also has yellow fur with a white underbelly and yellow and pink bat wings.He has Brown/Amber eyes.

Snow(Available for rp)

Snow is a white she wolf with a black flame shaped marking on her back and a black tipped white tail with a black underside.She has black paws and blue eyes.

Leaf(Available for rp)

Leaf is a smaller wolf who is mostly darker green with soem hints of lighter green she has green eyes.

Poppy(Available for rp)

A tan and white she wolf with a red nose and pink eyes.

Seed(Available for rp)

Seed is a fairly large wolf who is darker tan with white underbelly and muzzle.he has amber/hazle brown eyes.

Oak(Available for rp)

Oak is a small wolf pup who is dark brown with hazle eyes and is ready to learn.


Here are the dog characters you can rp.Enjoy and contact me if you want to rp any of the characters on my site.Thank you!

Bell(Available for rp)

Bell is a smaller female dog who is tan/brown with a white chest muzzle and underbelly.i slipped

Spot(Available for rp)

Spot is a small puppy who is white with black spots.he is eager to please his family and group.

Boo(Available for rp)

Boo is another pup who is blue with a white stomach and tan/brown eyes.She is very happy and eacited most of the time.

Bella(Available for rp)

Bella is a black dog with hints of brown and a white head and paws with black spots.She is yet another pup who loves her group,family, and friends.

Wolfie(Available for rp)

Wolfie is another small puppy who is brown and tan with hazle eyes.He is kinda of the boss of the other puppies but loves to play and kid around.

Bear(Available for rp)

Bear is a large golden retreiver.He has brown/hazle eyes.(He is the darker one)

Brandy(Available for rp)

Brandy is a smaller golden retreiver with hazle eyes.(She is the lighter one)

Broady(Available for rp)

Broady is another pup who is small with golden fur and brown eyes.

Storm(Available for rp)

Storm is a grey and white husky with blue eyes.


Here are the foxes you can rp.I hope you enjoy all of the animals!I will make packs and clans and such for each group of animals.

Foxy(Available for rp)

Foxy is a red fox pup who has red fur and black legs.She also has black ears and hazle eyes.

Joojoo(Available for rp)

Joojoo is a small black fox cub.He has green eyes.

Snowy(Available for rp)

Snowy is a Fox cub who is all white.She has small light blue eyes.

Cheese(Available for rp)

Cheese is a fenec fox who was named by people when they found him in the wild abandoned.Now that he is older he wants to explore the wild world and live with the fox groups he has heard about.He ran away from peoplw and he now lives with other foxes.he has brown/red eyes.

Fuzz(Available for rp)

Fuzz is a fuzzy older fox who has brown and orange fur with green eyes.

Furry(Available for rp)

Furry is a smaller fox who is black and fuzzy with blue eyes.

Blackey(Available for rp)

Blackey is an older male fox who is like a shadow when it comes to fur color.he has green eyes.

Red(Available for rp)

Red is an adult red fox with green eyes.


This is the bear rp characters section.Enjoy!

Berry(Available for rp)

Berry is a black bear with white paws.She has green eyes.

Bark(Available for rp)

Bark is a grizzley bear with brown fur and blue eyes.

Birch(Available for rp)

Another grizzley bear with lighter brown fur and green eyes.

Grizzly(Available for rp)

Grizzly is another Grizzly bear with even lighter brown fur and hazle eyes.

Fall(Available for rp)

Fall is a tiny pure white bear cub.She has hazle/green eyes.

Big(Available for rp)

Big is a larger cub with black fur and blue eyes.

Bug(Available for rp)

Bug is a lighter brown cub with green eyes.

Big Cats


Dark(Unavailable for rp)

Dark is the main leader of the big cats and has amber eyes and the biggest teeth out of all big cats.

Hazle(Unavailable for rp)

Hazle is a bobcat kit with hazle eyes and brown fur.

Cloud(Available for rp)

Cloud is a rare clouded leapord who is a cub and is very curious to seek and find in his forest home.he has amber eyes and cloud shaped spots whitch give him his name.

Shadows(Available for rp)

Shadows is a jet black jagaur with hazle/brown Awwwwwww!!!! Ain't it adorable. image by miloh1021

Dack(Available for rp)

Dack is a male cheetah with hazle/amber eyes.

Rosey(Available for rp)

Rosey is a jagaur with yellow/amber eyes.She is younger and very curious and adventurous.She is like the second in command.

Birly(Available for rp)

Birly is a small fisher cat with hazle eyes.See full size imageShe is very fun and entergetic.

Stripe(Available for rp)

Stripe is a white tiger with darker stripes than all of the other cats.he has blue eyes.See full size image


Here are the Hyena charries.Please take them!

Laugher(Available for rp)

Laugher is like the main Hyena here.He has hazle eyes and larger teeth than any of the other males.

Joker(Available for rp)

JOker is a sweet loving Hyena with hazle/brown eyes.She loves to joke around and play.

Fire(Available for rp)

Fire is a darker male cub.He loves to play and explore but always follows orders.He makes sure the other pups follow orders as well.He has hazle eyes.

Water(Available for rp)

Water is a kind lighter furred hyena with light brown eyes and loves to play in water.

Harry(Available for rp)

Harry is a smaller pup.He is very light colored and almost completley white.He has brown eyes.

Carry(Available for rp)

Carry is a small pup with strange blue eyes and a black tail.She is not a hyena but an unknown breed of wild cat that was found alone by the hyenas.

Sponge(Available for rp)

Sponge is a male hyena who is charming but not very smart.He one time thought a snake was a stick!And it was hissing at him!

Sniffer(Available for rp)

Sniffer is one of the best trackers of all the animals around.She can seek out anything.

more  cats but in killclan

this is killerclan's favorite cat's.enjoy!

Kill(Available for rp)

Kill is a cat who loves to kill other cats and has green/aqua eyes.He is white with some patches of brown/black.

Death(Available for rp)

Kills sister is Death.Death hates all other clans and wishes to destroy them.She will kill another clan cat any chance she gets.She is grey with black stripes and blue/green eyes..

Flame(Available for rp)

Flame is the leader of killclan.She loves when other clans have fires and she likes to push other clan cats into the fire to kill them.She is a grey shecat with yellow/amber/orangeeyes.She has a mate named Bowzer and Kits named Bone Fisher Tooth and Rosethorn.Bluebell is her sister.

Bowzer(Available for rp)

Bowzer is Flames mate and he is a red tom cat with black stripes and a white muzzle and chest.His kits are Tooth Bone Fisher and Rosethorn.

Tooth(Available for rp)

Tooth is flame and Bowzers kit and he is a white and brown kit with black and grey stripes.He also has Dark blue eyes and is like the smaller mightier kit of his siblings.He is very serious but is playful at times.He looks up to his dad for tips and instructions.

Rosethorn(Available for rp)

See full size imageRosethorn is Flame and Bowzers kit and she is a red kit with black thorn shaped markings on her.She has one marking on her forehead that glows when there is danger close by.Here eyes are light leaf green.She loves her sisters and brother but can be very strong and fearless when it comes to fighting to defend her clan.

Fisher(Available for rp)

Fisher is an actual blue tom with a white stomach and green eyes.He loves to fish for fish in the river and kill cats on land.He is still to small to be a fighter yet but when he will be he will be one of the most brave fighters.He is he most brave of all of his siblings.

Bone(Available for rp)

Bone is a white tom kit with a blue bone shaped marking on his side.He has light sky blue eyes.Bone hates to hunt but loves to make other clans mad.he is one of the best trackers in the clan.He was used to find bluebell when she went missing one day.He was brave enough to go find her on his own.

Bluebell(Available for rp)

Bluebell is Flames sister.She is a blue/grey she cat with yellow/amber eyes.She is sweeter than most other Killerclan cats but can be vicous at times when she is needed.(This site is still under construction so there may be some things we still have to do and somethings we may need to change.)