cats are best fighters so watch out they might be all around you



here are the clans they are for the cats.enjoy!


I dare you to enter this dark,dark place of death and fight....and Blood.....

Blue bell

bluebell is flame's sister and flame's kit's ant and is a grey cat like flame but darker.


bone is a white cat with blue bone shaped markings on his side and loves to teeth on bones and has light blue eyes.and is flames kit.


Fisher(Available for rp)

fisher is a blue cat with green eyes and white stomach.and loves to fish for fish out of the water and cats from the ground.


Rosethorn(Available for rp)

See full size imagerosethorn is a kit that is flame and bowzer's kit. she is a red cat with thorn shaped markings on her. and one on her forehead that glows when ther is danger.with green eyes.


Tooth(Available for rp)

tooth is flame and bowzer's kit he is a grey and black striped cat with dark blue eyes.


Bowzer(Available for rp)

bowzer only likes killclan cats he is flames mate flame had kit's.he has aqua green eyeshe is kinda orange with red

Flame(Available for rp)

flame is the leader of killclan  she loves it when ther is a fire in the other clans she always goes to the other clan's camp a cat always dies in the fire becuase of flame she pushs cats into the fire but not killclan cats.she has yellow\green eyes.and is a grey she cat.


Death(Available for rp)

kill's sister is death death wants to kill all other clans.and has bue\green eyes she is grey with black stripes.

Kill(Available for rp)

Kill is a tom who loves to kill other cats.and has green eyes and is white with brown\black in some spots



A grey cat with a thunder cloud shaped marking on his forehead.You can see it better when it is thundering.He has brown/amber eyes


A white cat with oraneg and red fire like tipped tail and a fire shaped marking across her back.She had aqua green eyes.



A white cat that gets snow stuck to her fur when it snows.She has Sky Blue eyes.


A ginger tabby tom with amber eyes.He has a black flame shaped marking on his tail.

A cloud colored white and grey cat.He has one green eye and one Blue eyes.

The Big Cats

I dont really need to put them up here.The characters you can rp page shows all big cats so I guess anyone who saw it would know who the big cats were.:D


Same thing for the Hyenas as The Big Cats.


This is a feirce and brave clan mixed with the skills of Thunderclan and Riverclan.They have Forested territory with plentiful prey.They also have lots of streams cutting through their territory and one stream slipping through their camp.They also have to cross a river to get to anywhere but their own territory.